Cottex® 涼爽3M半天絲®錦囊套裝系列 (English Version)

節省 $4,472

$1,488 $5,960

Cotter 3M Tencel Bedding Set
Made from Tencel, a patent fabric from Austria, it is more breathable, smoother, anti-bacteria, soft as silk.

3M Scotchgard Protector Moisture Management
Quality assured, this makes the fabric feels cool, dries faster. The fabric is stain-proof and breathable, gives you a cool and comfy feeling, like sleeping on a bamboo mat.

The Cottex Tencel is made with Tencel that is 100% extracted from gum tree pulp. It is soft as silk, strong as polyester, cools as linen. Warm as wool, as absorbent as cotton. Tencel is cool and comfortable which gives you a refreshing feeling, best choice of fabric for the summer. Different from some other Tencel products in the market, Cottex is a 100% made with Tencel.

Excellent water absorption ability, more hygienic
Tencel absorbs 50% more water than cotton. According to the weather condition, the Tencel fiber absorbs or releases water, regulating the humidity, keeping your sleeping environment cool and breathable. Study has found that Tencel fiber needs no other chemicals to reduce the growth of bacteria and mites, whereas the growth of bacteria on synthetic fiber is 2000 times higher than Tencel.

Soft and smooth feeling, best choice for sensitive skins
Compare to wool and cotton, Tencel is smoother, gives the skin a soft and comfortable feeling. According to dermatology reports, using Tencel can significantly increase the comfortableness and happiness of users

Internationally verified, quality assured
It is verified for anti-pilling by Europe ISO 12945-1. The product is durable, soft and naturally elastic. Tencel fabric is sturdier, stabler in sizes, less washing required. It will look as good as new after dozens of washes.

The headquarter of Cottex, Chung Kong Kai Lok Beddings Company, was founded in Hong Kong in the 90s. With 20 years of experience in making beddings. Cottex has it very own factory, with the headquarter office set in Hong Kong, which responsible for local sales and exportation. Clients of Cottex comes from all over the world including Australia, Europe, the US etc.; for local clients, Conrad hotel, Marriott hotel, government organizations etc. are also clients of Cottex.




      床褥標準尺寸表 ( 闊 x 長) 寸 松江©
      香港 美加 澳洲 英國 歐洲
    Twin 36  x  72" 39  x  75" 36  x  75" 35  x  79"
    (Single ∙ 單人)
    Double 48  x  72" 54  ×  75" 55  ×  79"
    (Full ∙ 雙人)
    Queen 54  x  72" 60  x  80" 60  ×  78" 63  ×  79"
    (UK King ∙ 大床)
    King 60  x  72" 76  ×  80" 72  ×  80" 72  ×  78" 71  ×  79"
    (UK Super King ∙ 特大)




      棉被標準尺寸表 ( 闊 x 長) 寸 松江©
      香港 美加 澳洲 歐洲
    Twin 60  x  86" 76  x  86" 55  x  82" 54  x  78"
    ( Single  ∙  單人 )
    Full 70  x  90" 86  x  86" 70  x  82" 78  x  78"
    ( Double  ∙  雙人 )
    Queen 80  x  90" 86  x  86" 82  x  82"
    ( 加大 )
    King 90  x  90" 92  x  92" 82  x  94" 86  x  88"
    ( 特大 )




      枕頭標準尺寸表 ( 闊 x 長) 寸 松江©
      香港 美國 加拿大 澳洲 歐洲
    標準成人枕 18  x  28"   20  x  30"   26  x  26"






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